volunteer training program

Sharing a practical volunteer training program

  • The guiding ideology

Volunteers are an important force in building a harmonious society and are representatives of advanced youth and outstanding groups. The goal of the training is to better improve the overall quality of volunteers and to make the training of volunteers more standardized and scientific, so as to promote the development of volunteers to a higher level and a broader field. Make the volunteer group a representative of civilization and harmony in the jurisdiction of the hospital.

  • The basic principle

In accordance with the general policy of “coordinating planning, hierarchical classification, on-demand training, and focusing on effectiveness” in volunteer service training, the basic principles are as follows:

  1. The principle of coordination between training work and career development.The content and methods of volunteer service training should grasp the needs of society and the development of volunteer service, and pay attention to the characteristics of volunteers and volunteer service organizations. This can effectively promote the capacity of volunteer service organizations and volunteers, and promote the coordinated development of volunteer service.
  2. The principle of combining training and talent training.Attach great importance to the important role of volunteer service training in personal training, and advocate the principle of “no training, no training, no training, no job” To train a group of volunteers who have long-term participation in services, master the basic requirements of volunteer services and service skills, and focus on cultivating a group of volunteer service organizations with social mission, mastering modern management knowledge and rich management experience. This can continuously optimize the structure of the volunteer team and improve the ability and level of serving society and participating in governance.
  3. The principle of combining training with professional skills.The training content should convey the volunteer culture, spirit, and concept, and enhance the cognitive ability of volunteers. Training content should also focus on the combination of knowledge and skills, and strengthen the practice and sharing of practical methods and service experiences. At the same time, the training content should be combined with the construction of the talented team to establish a training faculty library. In combination with social needs, scientifically set training content and professionalize training content.
  • The main mission

  1. Achieve comprehensive coverage of training objects.Through various types of training at all levels, there are plans to promote the training of registered volunteers and volunteer service organizations to gradually reach full coverage. Vigorously promote the volunteer service training of local enterprises, streets, and social organizations, especially relying on the community, extensively carry out community volunteer service training, incubate volunteer service organizations in line with the community, and promote the normalization of community volunteer services.
  2. Classified training.Continue to strengthen three levels of training, including volunteers, volunteer backbones, and volunteer service organizations. Volunteer service training is divided into three categories: general knowledge training, professional skills training, and job training. Design different training programs according to different categories, and build a training pattern of classified classification. At the same time, standardize the first batch of training demonstration points, enrich the volunteer service content of the base, strengthen the training of the lecturers, and standardize the content of on-site teaching.
  3. Speed up the construction of the teaching staff.Select a group of volunteer service training experts from government agencies, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, and street communities. Train a group of volunteer service trainers from volunteer backbones, volunteer service organization managers, and professional social workers. The volunteer service trainer library will be established to realize the sharing of training talents. The Hangzhou Xizi Volunteer Service Development Center will train the trainers selected by each unit and incorporate them into the city-level trainer faculty.
  4. Strengthen the construction of young volunteers.We will improve the training system for young volunteers, incorporate volunteer service courses into student associations, and vigorously promote the popularization of the concept of volunteer service culture to attract more young people to participate in volunteer service. We will continue to deepen the connotation of volunteer service and promote the spirit of volunteer service as a pioneering and overall work and strive to promote volunteer service to become a lifestyle and youthful fashion for young people, and to enhance the appeal and attraction of the spirit of volunteer service.

  • The course content

  1. Quasi-volunteer and intention volunteer training

The training purpose: Let those who have just participated and want to join the ranks of volunteer service further enhance their understanding of the concept of volunteer service, the development of Shi Paizhi Service Center and all achievements and honors.

The trainees: People from all walks of life who are willing to engage in volunteer service

The course content:

  • Basic knowledge of volunteer services
  • The meaningand type and service significance and volunteer rights and responsibilities of volunteer service.
  • Participate in volunteer service to help you improve yourself.
  • Excellent volunteer service experience sharing.
  • Shi Pai volunteer service development and results show
  1. Volunteer’s skills and routine training

The training purpose: In order to allow all volunteers not only to be happy in the process of participating in volunteer service but also to let them know how to comprehensively collect and explore useful knowledge in working life through activities. Make it more sympathetic to the volunteer service work in our town, and also encourage volunteers to participate more actively and enthusiastically in volunteer service activities.

The trainees: All types of people who are willing to engage in and have volunteered.

The course content:

  • Volunteer self-awareness
  • General etiquette of outstanding volunteers. (Ceremony summary / instrument etiquette / conversation etiquette and taboo / interpersonal etiquette)
  • Excellent volunteer communication skills
  • Emotional Management and Mentality Management of Excellent Volunteers
  • Time management and goal management of excellent volunteers
  • Safety awareness of excellent volunteers

Through the above volunteer training program, we can organize the corresponding members for training. When volunteers are able to work, they can better serve the people and serve the society.

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