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Sharing little knowledge about sea rescue

In order to comprehensively prepare for flood control, flood prevention and disaster relief, and strengthen water rescue capability, recently, the city’s public security fire detachment assembled more than 30 water rescue commando detachments, 8 assault boats and rubber boats, and more than 200 anti-flood rescue equipment, the targeted rescue training was carried out in urban areas.

The training has set up subjects such as fixed-point assembly, boat driving, frogman deep dive salvage, throwing. The detachment specially selected the assault boat drivers with strong business skills and professional skills. They were taught in four groups by driving the assault boat to explain the equipment such as assault boats, rubber boats, rope guns, life-saving throwers and other equipment for the participants. Use the construction, assembly, technical parameters, operational methods, and routine maintenance. In combination with the anti-flood rescue and water rescue examples of the fire department over the years, the participants explained the contents of the rescue notices and rescue operation procedures for the rush to the scheduled waters. Subsequently, all the participants conducted the assault boat driving training one by one according to the demonstration.

In response to the above situation, we should:

  • Improve mechanisms to improve search and rescue emergency management capabilities

  1. Further establish and improve the organizational structure of the Maritime Search and Rescue Center and enhance the search and rescue response capability;the responsibilities of the Ningde City Maritime Search and Rescue Center and the search and rescue sub-centers of Funding City, Fu’an City, and Xiapu County will be rationalized, and the sub-centers will be guided to carry out daily work to promote the establishment of the Maritime Search and Rescue Sub-center of Jiaocheng District.
  2. Improve the internal management and system construction of the Maritime Search and Rescue Center, strengthen the search and rescue emergency standby system of all members of the search and rescue center, expand the communication channels of all member units, and form an emergency response and search and rescue mechanism.
  3. Update and improve the 2017 expert pool of major dangerous accidents at sea, and give full play to the role of experts in consulting and technical support in major maritime search and rescue operations.
  4. We will do a good job in the 2017 Social Power Search and Rescue Special Award, the selection and recommendation of the maritime search and rescue operations (ships, individuals), expand the social impact of maritime search and rescue, increase the enthusiasm and responsibility of the maritime search and rescue workers, and encourage the participation of the whole society. Enthusiasm for search and rescue at sea.
  5. All levels of government in Ningde City are invited to increase investment in maritime search and rescue work, and further promote the implementation of the “Fujian Province Maritime Search and Rescue Regulations” and the “Notice of the General Office of the People’s Government of Fujian Province on Supporting Maritime Work to Promote the Economic Development of Ports and Harbors”.
  6. Improve and perfect the Ningde City Maritime Search and Rescue Inter-Party Contact Conference System, hold the Ningde City Coastal Water Traffic Safety Inter-committee Joint Meeting (end of the year) and the search and rescue center member unit liaison meeting to report the search and rescue information of the jurisdiction.
  7. Timely conduct post-evaluation of maritime search and rescue operations at the sea, and continuously promote the improvement of maritime search and rescue emergency response levels.
  8. We will implement pre-control measures for early warning of wind and wind in the winter, broaden the sources of navigation warnings and safety warning information, improve the accuracy and coverage of safety warnings, and improve the construction of early warning SMS platforms.
  • Lay a good foundation and strengthen the search and rescue emergency management team
  1. Do a preliminary and in-service assessment of the VTS center trial run an official operation, and conduct VTS center duty coordinator recruitment and training.Additional personnel will participate in VTS training, and the comprehensive emergency drills for coastal sea search and rescue in Ningde will be carried out no less than three times. At the same time, the construction of marine rescue volunteers will be strengthened to enrich the maritime search and rescue team.
  2. Organize the basic knowledge training for maritime search and rescue emergency personnel on duty, and organize one training activity at least for the professional theory and search and rescue technology of first-line search and rescue personnel.
  3. Strictly implement the 24-hour search and rescue work system and leadership system, and continuously improve the efficiency of maritime search and rescue work in Ningde.
  4. Strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments of the local government, and promote the establishment of coastal emergency rescue bases and rescue boats in Ningde City.

  • Broaden channels and actively carry out business exchanges and cooperation
  1. Organize VTS business learning exchanges, explore the VTS supervision and service model suitable for our bureau by teaming up to the brothers to learn, holding VTS system comprehensive use and management seminars.
  2. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Fuzhou Maritime Search and Rescue Center, Wenzhou Maritime Search and Rescue Center, Fuzhou Base of Donghai Rescue Bureau, and Donghai Second Flight Team Xiamen Base of the Ministry of Transport in the form of mutual visits and search and rescue cooperation exercises.Promote the sharing of search and rescue forces, search and rescue business interactions with surrounding search and rescue agencies, and enhance the ability of emergency rescue at sea.
  3. Taking the activities of Sanshawan joint cruise clearing and other activities as an opportunity to promote the local government and departments of Ningde City to strengthen the regulation of coastal fishery waters and the safe management of agricultural vessels.
  • Focus on propaganda and expand the social influence of maritime search and rescue
  1. Increase the publicity of the maritime search and rescue work in 2017, and actively guide the mainstream news media to report typical cases and advanced figures in maritime search and rescue.Vigorously popularize the prevention, risk avoidance, and self-help mutual rescue knowledge of various marine dangerous accidents, and continuously enhance the ability of maritime practitioners to cope with various types of sudden dangers.
  2. Member units such as transportation, port, maritime, marine and fishery, and border defense should strengthen the safety publicity and training of waterborne workers to enhance the safety awareness and concept of marine employees.
  3. Actively carry out “maritime safety knowledge into the campus”, “safe production month”, “six. five” World Environment Day and other activities and use the maritime public micro-signal to increase the publicity of safety knowledge such as marine accident prevention.
  4. Strengthen the construction of maritime search and rescue culture, carry forward the spirit of search and rescue, and fully demonstrate the search and rescue concept of “people-oriented”

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