How to be a volunteer

After the university students volunteer to their respective positions, how to position their own roles, how to carry out their work in an orderly manner, and how to obtain personal development progress? The practical problem of this series is that everyone should seriously think and use practical actions to answer them. College student volunteers should work on the following four aspects.


First, diligent in learning. Learning is the foundation of a person’s growth and progress. Today is the era of knowledge economy, science and technology are advancing with each passing day, knowledge renewal is accelerating, and young people must keep up with the pace of the times and make a difference in the hot social practice. They must pay attention to study, diligent study, study and continuous learning. For college students who have received higher education, they already have a certain level of theoretical and professional knowledge. However, most of them understand that there are not many grassroots situations and relatively lack of social experience. There is also a problem of combining theory with practice. To this end, we must cherish the precious opportunity to participate in volunteer service, take the mentality of the primary school students, humbly ask the comrades around us, learn how leaders and colleagues deal with specific problems, and learn from the people in the first line. In creative practice. Learn from nutrition and growth. It is necessary to carry forward the Marxist party style, and to find the focus of applying theoretical knowledge and giving full play to the advantages in the process of learning, so that learning can be used, learning and combining, and complement each other. Through tireless study, strengthen ideological cultivation, improve the spiritual realm, develop comprehensive quality, and practice hard work. If you can’t stand the poverty and loneliness, you can’t sit on the cold bench, neglect self-discipline, and follow the tide. You can’t adapt to work, can’t integrate into the atmosphere, and even lead to retrogression in thought, spirit, and academics. Moreover, volunteer service is staged after all. After the expiration of the service period, some have to apply for civil servants, some have to apply for graduate students, and some have to start their own businesses, and they must seek a better way out. Therefore, college student volunteers should focus on the needs of their work and their long-term development. They must always study this string and learn to relax and dilute learning at any time.


Second, willing to contribute. Volunteer service is a vivid practice of contemporary youth to promote the spirit of Lei Feng and serve the people and contribute to society. From the college students’ volunteers, they should reflect the youth ideals and excellent qualities that care for the motherland, affect the people, challenge themselves, and are willing to sacrifice. It can be said that the volunteer’s job is service. To be as stated in the oath, there is a conscious and voluntary dedication and service attitude that does what it can and does not pay. The national finances are issued monthly to the college students volunteers for basic living allowances instead of wages, so they cannot equate themselves with those who recruited workers. If conditions and treatment are compared, the spirit of the volunteers will be deviated, the enthusiasm for service will be reduced, and the initiative will be difficult to play. Volunteer service is carried out around the overall situation of the development. It serves the central work of the unit. Only when it meets the needs of the society can it reflect the greatest realistic pertinence, and therefore cannot hope that everyone will do great things. It is necessary to obey the division of labor, no matter how light or heavy the task is, no matter how big or small it is, it is not good for you. If you don’t pick and choose, you will not be able to accept it. Instead, you will accept it with enthusiasm and happiness, and you will do it. . There was a college student volunteer assigned to the township government. At the beginning, he took up the complicated affairs of cleaning the office, answering the phone, printing the manuscript, and observing, consulting and summarizing. He became familiar with the nostalgia after half a year. In the party and government office can be independent, and its progress is largely due to a good sense of service. Therefore, as long as we persist in the spirit of volunteerism of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”, it is extraordinary to insist on doing ordinary things well. It is not easy to insist on doing simple things, and we can appreciate them from dedication. The sense of value of happiness and volunteerism.

Third, Be responsible. Responsibility is an important driving force for doing a good job. A person who lacks responsibility can never achieve a great cause. Choosing to be a college student volunteer is not only spiritually noble, but also a responsibility. This responsibility mainly comes from three aspects: First, organizational trust. College student volunteers are not only voluntarily chosen, but also selected by the group organizations, all of which are outstanding young talents. No matter when or where, no matter how difficult the conditions, we must earnestly and responsibly participate in volunteer service with firm will and tenacious perseverance, glory for the group flag, and live up to the expectations and trust of the organization. The second is job responsibilities. One unit receives college student volunteers based on actual needs, and some are designed to solve the contradiction between people and fewer things, and some hope to bring advanced concepts and practical skills. College student volunteers are by no means dispensable for service units. In fact, all units also regard college student volunteers as talents, give preferential treatment to them, care about everyone’s life, and actively create necessary working conditions for everyone. Fully trust when arranging positions, and treating the cadres and employees equally, and building a broad stage for volunteers. For example, the school usually allows the volunteers to teach independently the teaching of a certain course. Such job responsibilities are very clear. College student volunteers must, in the spirit of being highly responsible for their careers, earnestly perform their duties with the attitude of the master rather than the bystander, consciously abide by the discipline, be dedicated and dedicated, and serve the heart to contribute wisdom and strength to the development of the cause. The third is to maintain the volunteer brand. Young volunteers are a promising career and an eye-catching brand. As a “professional volunteer” college student volunteer, the cultural level is high, the driving ability is strong, the social influence is great, it is the unshirkable responsibility of everyone to promote the sustainable development of the volunteer business and maintain the brand image of the volunteers. It is necessary to model the spirit of volunteerism, be a good example of volunteer service, and bravely carry forward the social responsibility of carrying forward the new style, transmitting love, and planting hope.


Fourth, be bold and enterprising. Aggressiveness is an effort to move forward to pursue higher goals. The enterprising consciousness of college student volunteers is first manifested as positive ideology and never stagnation. When they first arrived, the college student volunteers were full of enthusiasm and blood, and determined to contribute to the development and construction of the western region. However, when it is specifically assigned to a certain position, the rhetoric becomes a daily matter with no small details. Over time, some people will inevitably feel a sense of sorrow and boredom, and will not be able to maintain that passion and enthusiasm. In fact, grassroots work is very practical. Volunteer service is based on actual and service grassroots, step by step, and accumulate bit by bit. In this regard, college student volunteers should establish correct values, closely integrate the needs of the motherland and the people, the development of the service unit’s career with their own ideals of life, look at the problem from a development perspective, and inspire themselves with a lofty spirit. The typical spurs oneself, always with an enterprising heart, sharpening the perseverance of character, always maintaining a vigorous and vigorous spirit. The enterprising consciousness of college student volunteers is reflected in the work, that is, there must be a kind of persevering spirit, high standards and strict requirements for themselves, work, innovation and pursuit of excellence, and can not be over and squandered. It is necessary to exert subjective initiative and abandon the idea of ​​”only seeking to go through, not asking for hardship”. With confidence, self-improvement, far-reaching goals, and near-planning, we must strive to do more practical things during the service period and get more comprehensive. Exercise. It is necessary to focus on exploration and innovation, broaden service areas, improve service methods, and improve service levels. It is necessary to use the “internship period” of volunteer service to grasp the armed forces and lay a solid foundation for the future to fully go to the society, realize their own career ideals and the value of life to accumulate capital.

When there is a lot of requirements for a college student volunteer, some methods and details must be studied and applied according to the characteristics of the post. However, the change is not separated from its ancestors, and the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As long as you are good at learning, diligent in practice, and willing to contribute, volunteer service will become a meaningful and far-reaching experience, adding a valuable wealth to your life.

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