Sea rescue

Sharing little knowledge about sea rescue

In order to comprehensively prepare for flood control, flood prevention and disaster relief, and strengthen water rescue capability,┬árecently, the city’s public security fire detachment assembled more than 30 water rescue commando detachments, 8 assault boats and rubber boats, and more than 200 anti-flood rescue equipment, the targeted rescue training was carried out in urban areas. read more

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volunteer training program

Sharing a practical volunteer training program

  • The guiding ideology

Volunteers are an important force in building a harmonious society and are representatives of advanced youth and outstanding groups. The goal of the training is to better improve the overall quality of volunteers and to make the training of volunteers more standardized and scientific, so as to promote the development of volunteers to a higher level and a broader field. Make the volunteer group a representative of civilization and harmony in the jurisdiction of the hospital. read more

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